Trex Men’s Workout T-shirts


Whether you have aimed to crush your fitness goals or want to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle by daily jogging, gym, cycling, or swimming­­. Our buttery soft, quickly drying functionally treated t-shirts are here to meet all your sporting activities and goals. Our men’s gym t-shirts are crafted out of polyester and spandex blend fabric in a 95/5 ratio which is functionally treated too and possess features that help boost your performance by quickly wicking out the sweat away. The other prominent features of the fabric include;




Unlike regular men’s dry-fit t-shirts, our men’s workout t-shirts have the ability to control irritating odor for as long as 48 hours. It saves you from the embarrassment you might face from the nuisance smell and simultaneously prevents your day that you might have skipped because of your unwashed t-shirt.




Athletes typically complain about the rashes caused by bacteria. However, our treated fabric gym shirts save your body from catching any bacterial infection during both indoor and outdoor workouts and sports.




Similarly to the anti-bacterial feature, the fabric also resists the inception of unwanted fungal growth that not only protects your skin but also ensures the durability of the t-shirt itself.




Perhaps a most annoying yet unnoticed issue has also been covered by our men’s dry-fit tees. Trex dry-fit fabric inherits the capability to control the itchy sensation created by tiny sparks in the fabric. So either you hit hard in the gym or make your way out for an early morning walk in the winter, there won’t be any itchiness to distract your performance.


Digital Printing


Not everyone wants to showcase a lean muscular body out of traditional men's solid gym tees. Here at Trex, we strive to make fitness an integral part of everyone’s life from a teenager, to a bachelor, to a working woman, to a household lady, and even the grandpa wandering on the lawn.


Our vibrant printed t-shirts not just perform well but also looks cool to the eye. The concept behind the exotic colors is to promote a sense of post-work life that exhibits style and mood-refreshing wear. Besides, the contemporary in-house printing technology gives off striking crisp results exactly as depicted on the screen.


Buttery Feel

Apart from the traditional dri-fit t-shirts, our shirts feel buttery soft and weigh negligible to the skin. Having been crafted from the poly-spandex blend fabric, they feel much similar to cotton because of the special functional treatment.