Trex Men's Track and Workout Trousers

Whether it’s a leg day in the gym or a morning walk, a daily commute, or a fun day with pals, our men’s trousers are ready to take you anywhere with comfort and ease. Crafted out of dri-fit fabric and styled regularly to narrow fit, these trousers keep you cool all day long besides elegantly portraying your athletic legs.

Material, Fit, and Design

Run, train, cycle, commute, or meditate, still, you won’t feel wet-sweat. And it’s all become possible with the real dri-fit fabric and technology used in these trousers. Made from quality dri-fit polyester, cotton, and nylon fabrics and doubled with the two-way & four-way stretch technology, you’ll experience full freedom to perform confidently at every sport of your choice. 

The regular and narrow fit size variations coupled with the zipper, rib-knit, and cuff hems ease you to choose the one that best suits your needs. The rib-knit and cuff hems let you sprint freely while the ankle zippers allow you to hastily pull them off over your shoes. 

From minimalistic solid colors to the contrasting pockets and hems, to the more vibrant lines and patterns on the legs, when it comes to designs, the Trex men’s gym trousers have a vast range. Also, each of the designs has a technical aspect when it comes to the walking and cycling game. The neon stripes provide a protective shield on the road when the traffic lights are all off.  

The flexible weaves make our men’s trousers perfect squat-proof gear. With them, box jumps, cross fit and boot camps are not big games. The zipper pockets provide additional support for keeping essential things with you even during your training and workout. Available in several sizes, cuts, and fits, our men’s dri-fit workout trousers are all that you need to level up your fitness game.