Trex Men’s Sports Shorts

Let your legs be free to perform at their peak with our all versatile super comfy and sufficiently breathable men’s shorts. At every step of your game, workout drill, or running you will feel frictionless comfort to boost your pace and performance at all levels. 

Apart from the focused game or training, they will also be your perfect hangout companion in a spontaneous chill-out with mates. Made from fine quality variations of breathable fabrics and designed with minimalistic solid colors to the eye-catching colorful stripes and patterns, you’ll have several options to pair them with your ready-to-go outfit anytime. Whether it’s a street-style oversized t-shirt to play basketball with next-to-door teenagers, or a slim-fit muscles top to show off your lean muscular body to demonstrate the subliminal vibes, you’ll get covered from sporting activities to everyday casual life. 

Especially when it comes to gym workouts, morning jogging, or running, you can’t go wrong with our four-way stretch technology dri-fit nylon shorts that are ready to experience your every sudden move and action. The additional solid color options provide you with the choice to pick your taste of top from our buttery soft dri-fit t-shirts.

As the garment is a preferred summer workout gear, therefore, it’s crafted carefully and engineered for performance to keep you cool, comfortable, and dry during long intense workouts. Besides, the regular fit allows you to use it as casual wear and add compressions to ensure maximum support to sustain jerks during sports and boot camp exercises.