What to Know About Women's Tracksuits

Are you starting to work out for the first time but need help deciding what to wear? We understand how difficult it can be to choose an ideal pair of women's tracksuits that meet all your standards. So we are here to help you find the best tracksuit and point out a few essentials that you should always consider before purchasing one.


Let’s get started.

Choosing A Perfect Tracksuit For Women

Before choosing the ideal women's tracksuit, there are a few key considerations that should be made.

Choose A Comfortable Material

When you're working out, the most important thing you're looking for is comfort. It is critical to consider the material quality when purchasing a women's tracksuit. If you want to wear tracksuits for high-intensity activities, choose one made of synthetic material. Materials like viscose, polyester, cotton, or lycra are some of the most comfortable materials for tracksuits you can get. Tracksuits created from such materials are perfect for frequent and heavy activities. They will allow perspiration and body odours to be absorbed and expelled. The breathable and super-stretchy material will also give your body a comfortable feel. 


If you do a lot of high-intensity workouts, choose a women's tracksuit made of durable poly-spandex fabric that is lightweight. Its anti-fungal and anti-odour properties keep the fabric free of fungal growth and keep it from sweating. 

Get The Right Size

It's essential to get a tracksuit that fits. Whether shopping online or from an outlet, always check the size before buying a women's tracksuit. If purchasing online, check the measurement sheet provided by the seller. In this way, you can select the right size, as sizes may vary between brands. Also, at retail outlets, take advantage of fitting rooms and try on your sportswear before purchasing. Check for fitting, comfort, and stretchability.


At Trex, you can find a wide collection of tracksuits for women, including tights, t-shirts, and sports bras with sizes ranging from small to 2XL, perfect for every shape of woman.

Correct Colour Selection

Tracksuits tend to be dark and neutral in colour, making it easy to match them with other clothing. Wear women's tracksuits in solid colours with printed patterns to add sophistication and a touch of individuality to your outfit. Women's tracksuits come in a variety of hues and patterns, including floral prints, stripes, patterns, and abstract ink-like prints. Tracksuits are a great option for casual wear, but if you're wearing them to work out, choose solid, vibrant colours or patterns in solid colours.

Right Clothing For The Right Weather

Make sure to get a women's tracksuit according to the weather conditions. Fleece is a great material that will be perfect for you if you live in a place with cold temperatures. You can dress comfortably and lazily in the summer by wearing light cotton clothing. 


The material of the tracksuit also depends on your body type. If you sweat a lot, choose a cotton fabric that will make you feel relaxed. 

Be Chic

To do justice, you'll need more than just the appropriate tracksuit.  Wear it in a way that flatters your body and presents you in a classy way. How you dress in a chic tracksuit will reveal a lot about your personality! 


Wearing a tracksuit with a matching top and bottom pair is one of the best ways to style one perfectly.  An elegant pair of tights and a sports bra will complement your personality and give you a dapper appearance. 


By selecting the ideal pair of women's shoes, you can complete your look! Get a pair of sturdy sports shoes that are perfect for a workout that will strengthen and improve your self-image! 

Why Are Tracksuits Beneficial?

Enhance Your Mobility


Being able to move freely while you train or warm up will be extremely beneficial to your body. But if you are wearing clothing that restricts your movements, it will be difficult for you to adopt the proper stances and postures. So it might be a good idea to include a tracksuit in your activewear. 

Contributes to Calorie Burn

You can maintain good health by burning calories. By donning a tracksuit, you can speed up the rate at which your body burns calories. While a tracksuit doesn't directly burn calories during exercise, it does significantly contribute to increasing body temperature. The constant heat generated by your body makes it work harder and use more muscle.

Enhances Flexibility 

You can improve your flexibility by wearing a tracksuit while exercising. This will help your body warm up more quickly, which will make it easier for you to adopt the proper posture and position. It will also enable regular blood flow and assist in stretching out your muscles for improved performance. You won't experience falls, trip pulls, or overextensions while working out if you're wearing a tracksuit.

For better workout results, it's better to be relaxed both physically and mentally.

Protect Your Skin


When you choose to work out outside, you will undoubtedly notice that the sun is hitting your face and chest. The legs are particularly susceptible to skin tanning, though it will affect all of your body parts. Tracksuits also allow you to avoid applying sunscreen and protect your legs from pesky mosquito bites.

Removing Moisture

Sweat will eventually start to wick away from your skin if you're exercising in warm-weather attire like tracksuits. Nobody likes having their legs sweaty while they're walking around, and instead, the best tracksuits are essential for wicking away moisture and keeping you dry and cool. You can also choose tracksuits made of material designed specifically to wick moisture away. 


We hope you found our little guide on women’s tracksuits helpful. Make sure to read our tips before heading out or purchasing your ideal sportswear.


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