Sports and its craze is one of the lost assets our dearest country is regaining again. And being Pakistani we are proud of it! The rapid involvement of our youth in fitness and sports is a good sign but comes up with lots of challenges. However, there was something missing which could be overcome!

Nevertheless, an initiative was needed. Someone must have come up and filled the gap to strengthen the sportsman spirit of Pakistan. Someone must have to take the decision to stand up with our domestic sports and fitness lovers. Pakistan lacked quality sportswear on the domestic level. It was depending on foreign brands for comfortable and reliable sportswear.

And that was the point where Al-Munaf Corporation stood up and decided to take a step forward for growing national sports talent. After complete research, experiment, and long-term planning it was time to serve our own country with the best.

Therefore, we decided to introduce our love and patriotism towards Pakistan on the biggest historical Pakistan day! 23rd March 2021. Trex is the first Pakistani sportswear brand that competes for international-level quality. And by the grace of Allah and our customers' love and trust and appreciation today Trex is celebrating its 1st ever-successful Anniversary.

Starting from a minute local setup with limited categories, Trex has flourished its sportswear business quite speedily. Currently, Trex caters for women, men, and kids’ sportswear. Not only this, but we offer a wide range of variety in sports accessories too.

Presently, we have a total of 8 categories in the women's sportswear collection. It includes a sports bra, gym jackets, tank tops, T-shirts, tights, shorts, cropped tops, and tracksuits.

In men’s activewear, Trex presents 10 categories. Including T-shirts, jackets, trousers, quarters, shorts, hoodies, tracksuits, tank tops, long sleeves, and zippers. For kids, we bring sports T-shirts and tights.

Not only had this Trex services for its users extended to sports accessories also. The sports accessories include; a yoga mat, protein bottle, water bottle, duffle bag, medicine ball, kettlebell, Basu ball, gloves, and much more. To facilitate our users we offer both services in-store and online.

We started from scratch not knowing how much trust, appreciation, love, and support our customers are going to give us. Trex is overwhelmed with such an amazing response. We are thankful for all your support and feedback helping us to improve and grow progressively day by day. Therefore, Trex celebrates today’s day with our customers and newcomers by giving Up To 50% & 30% discounts on the entire collection including sports accessories.

Trex promises you to maintain its quality and services up to the mark. Also, will keep introducing innovative, latest ideas and categories in the coming time.

Please make sure to keep supporting us we will be waiting for your valuable love and feedback.

Thank you for celebrating Trex 1st anniversary with us!

Pakistan Zindabad!